LATE GENERAL EDET AKPAN RTD: A Perfect Example of a Statesman

“The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one’s destiny to do, and then do it.”– Henry Ford


Late General Edet Akpan Rtd was an epitome of success, by doing what he knows how to do best. The Late General Akpan that I know was an able Captain whose activities was not only tailored to Uniting the Country but was also a social engineer setting a wider scope of strategy for the development of Nigeria, Akwa Ibom State and Nsit Atai LGA. 


He was a Champion of hope with distinguishing ability combined with unselfish devotion to the good of the Nation, he believes selfish ambition belittles a great people. In a short while of his successful sojourn on earth, Late General Akpan Adam Rtd has proven himself to be a committed christian, a paragon of civility, a Nation Builder and a Leader with sterling qualities worthy of emulation.


Time will be so unfriendly to dig deep into his numerous achievements, both as a Nationalist  and a Statesman. Time won't be sufficient to divulge his efforts and positive  impacts in building a strong and reliable Armed Forces we are proud about today in our dear Country,  Nigeria. Time has become my greatest threat  in the attempt to reel out his achievements at the National, State and Nsit Atai LGA in particular. Believe me, time is my only challenge to highlight the Honour He has decorated our Country's image, State and LGA through numerous Trophies,  National Awards and Titles credited to him. 


We have truly loss a perfect example of a Statesman. He was a go-getter, a democrat, a symbol of unity, a paragon of civility, a leader with impeccable character and a perfect model of our time. I am confident that we will meet him to part no more. 


On behalf of entire People of Nsit Atai LGA, I want to say that we are so proud of the  legacies. Nsit Atai LGA have had her name on the map of the world through your kind contributions, especially the location of NYSC camp grounds in Ikot Itieudung. 


Thank you for the Unity of Nsit Atai people.Thank you for your selfless service to our dear Nation. I am yet to believe you have gone to the great beyond. Truly, Success is never successful enough until it's felt. Sincerely, we as a People have felt yours.  


You left when we needed you most in our lives as a people. For your kind contributions and advises which has taken Nsit Atai this far, we say in unison thank you Our great Leader, Father, disciplinarian, and a perfect example of a Statesman. May God give your family, Nsit Atai LGA,  Akwa Ibom State and Nation in general the fortitude to bear this great loss.  Amen. 


Adieu Our Leader! 



Emem Ibanga 

Executive Chairman, Nsit Atai LGA,

Akwa Ibom State.

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